The Wonder of You
For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb." Psalm 139:13 (NIV)

In eternity past, long before you were born, I envision the God of all creation going about His business of reigning and ruling over the entire known universe. Suddenly, an emptiness He had never known came upon Him. So, He began to ponder on a marvelous thought. In fact, the idea was so compelling, so inspiring, so innovative and enthralling that it began to consume Him.

Day and night, He meditated on the brilliant image that captivated His heart. And every time He’d revisit this thought, a ray of indescribable light would flash through the heavens and all of creation knew God was once again engrossed in this wondrous notion.

Creating this masterpiece became so integral to the state of His wellbeing that He was willing to stop time itself to consider how He might give birth to this dream. It was something He had never done before and would never ever do again.

With the intricate blueprints in hand, He began to fashion the design element for this breathtaking reflection out of the divine and unlimited resources of His eternal being. Like an impassioned master sculptor, He carved away non-stop until it reached a state of glorious perfection.

I know it might seem hard to believe that the God of all creation simply couldn’t do without you. But the truth is He refused to carry on without you as part of His extended family. He felt the universe would not be complete without the presence of your majestic company and thought you were just too cool of a person to leave uncreated. This is why you are here.

This omnipotent creator of the universe molded you in His own image and etched into the fiber of your inmost being the potential for greatness.

When you’re finally able to perceive the depth of His purpose for creating you, and the love He has for you, you’ll never second-guess yourself again. Neither will you struggle with thoughts of insignificance, unworthiness and low self-esteem.

If you choose to believe in Him with all your heart, willfully aim to obey his commands, and follow Him by faith—you will begin a never-ending journey and the world will forever be changed by your very presence. This, my friend…. is the great destiny that awaits you!

Go into this world with confidence to make your mark, knowing that your creator has fashioned you for success. He is for you in every way and cheers for you on the sidelines even when you’re the last one to finish the race. He simply adores you and is your number one fan.

Believe it, act like it, and expect him to do extraordinary things through you as you walk toward them by faith. He is the God of the impossible and it is impossible for you to fail if you believe in him, trust him and then perform the part that is required of you. This is the great adventure of life for which you were created. Let the games begin!

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Written by Zoro

Hi, Friends, I’m Zoro, award-winning drummer for such legendary recording artists as Lenny Kravitz, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, Bobby Brown, New Edition, and many others. I’m also the author of the critically acclaimed books, Soar! 9 Proven Keys for Unlocking Your Limitless Potential and The Big Gig: Big-Picture Thinking for Success. In addition, I’m a husband, father, life coach, ordained minister, and CEO (Chief Encouraging Officer) of Zoro International Ministries (ZIM). My mission is to help people soar by equipping them with the tools needed to discover, develop, and deploy their unique God-given gifts.
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