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Facing The Giants

Let’s Hear It For The Boy
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Think Again

I Concentrate On You
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Looks Can Be Deceiving

Sharp Dressed Man
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Coming this spring unlock your limitless potential Coming this spring unlock your limitless potential

"If you’re wondering why you're here, and what your purpose is, Zoro's message is sure to lead you on an exciting adventure to a life of intention, integrity, and impact."

Kevin Sorbo Actor, director, producer and author (God's Not Dead, Hercules)


Download ZIM Partner Plan PDF Now “If you know deep in your soul that you were made for more, then you owe it to yourself to devour Zoro’s message. God’s best for you is waiting—it’s your move!” Dr. Wess Stafford, President Emeritus Compassion International A Message to You: Over the years, Zoro has championed various […]

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Videos  Christian Books Featuring Zoro  Audio Interviews and Sermons Discovering Your True Identity Knowing who you are in Christ gives you confidence and self-assurance to be all he called you to be and frees you from the pressure of seeking the approval of others. You can’t be who you are supposed to be until you […]

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Helping Young Adults Unlock Their Potential to SOAR! ZIM is partnering with like-minded individuals, foundations, corporations and churches to bring the SOAR! program to young adults throughout the world. Your tax-deductible donations are appreciated and will be responsibly used to fulfill the vision of ZIM as stated throughout this web site. Zoro International Ministries has […]

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“Zoro is one of the best in the business … His wisdom goes beyond music, however. He offers life lessons that will encourage anyone.”
Toby Mac
“Zoro’s heart, discipline and passion are what propelled him to greatness. … His music and life lessons are about using your God-given talents to the maximum.”
Lenny Kravitz
Joyce Meyer
“Zoro has a tremendous passion for ministry and sharing the gospel. When we had him as a guest on our program, I immediately connected with his desire to communicate God’s truths in a real and down to earth way.”
Joyce Meyer
kathy lee
“Zoro reminds us of the potential for greatness that lies inside each of us…”
Kathie Lee Gifford